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    I thought I would share my toolbox and strategy for discussion. I haven’t invested in a trailer so it has to be compact. I could tow a trailer with my minivan but so far it hasn’t been necessary. Even with an occasional hiccup I have been able to finish contests.

    The first priority is to fit two planes and two radios in the van. With limited tools and workspace, there won’t be a lot of complicated repairs. My 2014 Honda Odyssey has held several combinations of planes, including the following:
    - one 50cc, two 30cc, one 60” electric
    - one 150cc, one 30cc
    - one 120cc, two 30cc
    - will try two 120cc this summer

    I leave the stabs on the smaller ones and put towels to space them above each other. The main constraint is landing gear interaction. The gear bumps into each other and the walls. It is not preferred to finish a contest with a 30cc but it is much more fun to finish and provides a different challenge! I have had to do this on at least one occasion and I enjoyed the competition just as much.

    So having at least two planes allows me a smaller toolbox. In this case, a bucket. The toolbox is called a “bucket boss” and made of heavy canvas to fit over a 5 gallon bucket. I put a few pics below. There are a number of pockets and the inside of course.

    The tools include:
    - two sets each of metric and standard Allen wrenches (I
    use the regular, not ball drivers as the ball drivers tend
    to strip themselves and/or the bolt at inopportune times)
    - long shaft No1 Phillips and 1/4” flat screwdrivers for
    reaching into cowl
    - No 0, 1, 2 Phillips and flat head
    - nippers
    - two adjustable wrenches
    - 12” channel lock pliers for reaching into cowl for clamps
    on exhaust
    - torque wrench with sockets for engine, exhaust and prop
    bolts (4mm, 5mm, 6mm)
    - infrared heat gun for cylinder head temp
    - long and short needle nose pliers
    - lipo battery meter
    - small and large zip ties
    - starting glove
    - Velcro straps
    - spare hardware for each plane which includes full set of
    spare bolts for stab, wings, cowl, canopy and prop bolts,
    the Hitec servo boxes make great containers
    - RPM gauge

    So far, it has been sufficient. It is easy to carry, tools are easily accessed and it was cheap.