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    Evening Greg,

    It was a pleasure meeting you at the contest in Peebles. Was neat to see the electric plane setup.

    I am sitting here reading this post and the blog as well as remembering the Sunday of the contest. A few things I’m confused on.

    You mention in your blog you won 3/4 knowns, and admittedly screwed up the unknown, but you are upset enough to call fault at the judges? Isn’t that contradicting yourself? Or did you fly that well that the unknown screw up shouldn’t have cost you the contest? Unknowns will make or break you in the results. That’s one of the things that separates IMAC from AMA pattern.

    I remember your flights pretty well. Also remember you noting to the judges that you will be entering the box quickly both sequences as you have barely enough battery to get though the 2, which also lead to flying it tight. This is what I call a handicap, as this is where the argument of electric was giving up technique and points off the gate for you. It’s a neat plane and can get you through but I wouldn’t say it kept up with the 40% Laser by any means in multiple respects.

    Your flying wasn’t bad but like most of the pilots there, you left a lot of basic fundamentals out of the flight even simply inbetween maneuvers.

    Also confused as to the comment of you flew your best you ever flew and deserved to win. Well if you were a golfer, and shot your best round you have ever done. Does that mean you won the masters? Nope as others could have shot better, and in this case he did in the unknown, remember your admittance to screwing it up here in your blog.

    Now I like electric, but it does have some hurdles. As far as IMAC will get better when fossil fuels are eliminated, well your just asking for a political pissing match if you ask me. Which I won’t go into, but for the foreseeable future gasoline is going to be around for a while.

    Pattern vs IMAC is a whole different discussion and we can talk about another day if you wish, but arguing pattern is better cause you can fly electric is pointless

    I encourage you to do some self evaluation of the weekend and see where the bias really was. If anything in the mirror as you are coming across as you should have had bonus points for using electric.

    Now that being said, if we are ever at an event and you want help or critique of your flying. Feel free to ask, as I will always help someone who wants it, but you have to want the help.

    One of those terrible judges from that contest,

    Jamie Hicks

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