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Cold weather flying

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  • Cold weather flying

    I am thinking about buying a transmitter mitten so I can fly when it is 30 degrees or so outside. Has anyone tried flying with a transmitter mitten? Also are there any preferences as far as what brand to buy?

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    I haven't used a transmitter mitten. What i do use is cotton gloves with the tips cut off and if it windy or real cold, surgical gloves underneath.



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      I use one from Ace Wing Bag:

      Works very well. There is plenty of room, and the straps ensure that the glove stays clear of the sticks. My hands stay toasty warm even when the temps are in the 20s. If you're really cold, one of the videos shows adding a heater inside, and then you will never have cold hands.



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        I use the Turnigy Transmitter Glove:

        Looks like HobbyKing discontinued it. Not sure why. I really like mine. It keeps my hands very warm and protects the Tx from a light rain.


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          I also noticed that the turnigy one was discontinued. I think I will order the one made by Ace wing bag that Dave suggested.


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            Well, I purchased the Ace transmitter glove. I tried it out for the first time today. I put 4 flights on a 50cc Extra. The transmitter glove preformed great! It worked better than I thought it would. It was 31 degrees here today and my hands did not get cold. I assembled the plane with gloves on except for the aileron connectors. I fueled the it with gloves on. I then got the transmitter glove, w/ transmitter inside, out of the car, started the engine and flew. The ace glove is roomy and with the neck strap on it holds the top of the bag off of the transmitter. All in all I would say it is a good design. I am glad I purchased it.


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              Glad the Ace Glove worked out well. It's so nice and roomy while still be super warm.