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Pilot bust questions

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  • Pilot bust questions

    I have an EF 110 Yak. The EF Pilot X bust for 35-40% does not fit without mods, is it okay to use a 30% bust? Does that meet requirements for a pilot? And how to people attach these? To the canopy or airframe?

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    Hi can use pretty much any size pilot, regardless of scale fidelity to the plane. The rule states;
    General Principles, 6.6 "A realistic three-dimensional human pilot and view-able instrument panel shall be appropriately installed in all Scale Aerobatic aircraft. (A one [1%] flight score penalty will be assessed for noncompliance.) " Theoretically you could put a small plastic child's army figure (3-dimensional and human) and it meets the wording of the rule....although not the spirit of the rule.

    Some folks attach the pilot to the canopy floor, others the the airframe. I've done it both ways depending on the plane. Usually I attach it to the airframe, but make him/her easily removable for maintenance and/or access.