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    I have learned in my company to speak up when there is something that could affect anyone safety. This is in regard flying and judging looking directly to the Sun. I don't want to go discuss the medical aspect because it has been already proved. I suggest that we do all we can to avoid looking at the sun directly when flying in a contest. Of course only when the field conditions allow. It is very easy to do it by turning the judges canopy and and pilots in the correct direction to avoid the sun as much as possible. It is fairly easy to do and I remember doing this in the past. We already know the benefits for the pilots and judges so I don't need to explain more. It will be great that we try in the remaining contests of the season so please let the CD know so they can check and decide if could be done at their contests. Of course, this will be good for all regions so please share if you agree.

    Vicente "Vince" Bortone

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    There is no rule that prevents this. The CD would just have to make an arrangement to have everything set and establish the corrected flight line. This would prevent the need for sun dots.
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      I'm not opposed as long as there is open flight line/box available. Some places there is not. Land owners etc. that complain is already something we face at some of our events. If it's a viable option sure lets look at it. But its not a lot of the places we fly.


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        I agree. Only can be done depending on limitations of each flying field. The sunrise during the day this time of the year is in the SE direction. If we turn just about 30-40 degrees to face NE we will be able to avoid looking directly to the sun during the morning hours. This will greatly improve the judging and visibility of pilots as well as level of fly and of course safety.


        Vicente "Vince" Bortone