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NW Region News update (3/19/21)

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  • NW Region News update (3/19/21)

    Hello everyone in the NW Region, (3/19/21)

    It’s your friendly regional director here, wanting you to be informed of upcoming events in the4 near future. In the month of April, we have two contests here in WA, on 4/10 the Grizzly Bear IMAC in Richland, and on 4/24 Higgins Field IMAC in Richland as well. These two events are about 3.7 NM from each other, and about 6 miles if driving. In the month of May on the 1st of the month, Creston, B.C. is holding the Creston Valley IMAC contest. I wish the border was open, unfortunately it’s not yet. Looking forward to when it finally is, so we can hang out with the fellas from up north eh’. I’m still contemplating the finals situation, and it’s a hard call, I’ll keep you all informed on here and on the IMAC forums website as well. Until later, get practicing