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  • New Forum for the North West Region

    Welcome to the North West Region IMAC Forum. Our competition season is over and we are already scheduling events for 2020. Our 2020 Judging School will be help on 29 Feb – 1 Mar 2020 in Richland, WA. While our competition season may be short we start in April at the Grizzly Bear on 4-5 Apr 2020 and end in Late Sept with our regional finals. And we have lots of fun so come on out and we will help you get started.

    This is a new place for us to collaborate on ideas and issues within the region so please take advantage of it.

    Remember this is your forum open to any topic within the IMAC realm and is what you make of it. We will do our best to keep it current and active.


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    This year we have 2 new Canadian IMAC events planned at great flying locations with a 3rd event pending. Creston, BC will be the first event in early May, and Valley of Hope in July. We are hoping to get great attendance for both new events. Please review the event details and attached flyers to see all activities planned at these facilities.


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      Hello everyone in the NW region,

      As you new RD, I'd like to invite you to attend the NW regions Judging school, which is scheduled for 3/6 - 3/7/21 in Othello WA. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. On another note, I will be posting information about out NW region here as well as on Flying Giants, since I need to reach all avenues for those who have been using that website for years. Please check here occasionally for informational updates. I wrote this message for my local flying site to help get the word out about IMAC in my area. Feel free to use it if you like.

      I would like to invite you to join our community and participate in our flying events this coming year and into the future. The IMAC community has developed a NEW class for those wishing to become an active participant. The Novice class is similar to the Basic class, without the pressure of competition while in the Novice class. Its design is simple, fly the basic IMAC sequence on the first day of the contest (Saturday only) receive scores and advice without feeling the pressure filled contest environment. Make new friends, fly your plane (A Non-Scale airplane is approved for the Novice class, but needs to be able to complete simple aerobatics, and it can be electric, nitro, or gas. If you would like to become a more precise pilot, while and not just burning gas/electrons, come out and give it a go, we will welcome you with open arms. Who knows, you might get hooked and want to continue, you’ll never know unless you try. You can contact me via email, or via the phone to discuss your thoughts/questions. I’m including the link to the IMAC website so you can look around and explore what we are about and do. Did I forget to mention it’s FREE to fly Novice, all you need is a valid AMA membership.
      Here I added out regions page link and below that my contact info.

      Have a great day and get'em ready to fly,


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        Hello Contest Directors in the NW Region,
        I’d like to provide you with the information I need in order to post an approval for you intended IMAC contest, I’ll list these below.
        1. Please make sure you get your contest sanction early.
        2. Details of the event (can be placed on a flyer as well)
          1. Dates and times pf the event
          2. Location of event (Field name, Lat. & Long. Coordinates, Street Address if available)
          3. Camping information (Hook-ups? Dry Camping, Camping Costs if there are any, Donations for electricity if it’s provided?
          4. Food availability, and cost or donation? Menu is you feel the need, as some people plan to eat at the events and might like to know what’s available so they can pack for those contingencies.
          5. Information about Pilot fees for IMAC members & Non-members, as well as Basic – Unlimited, including Novice and 1st time Basic pilots.
          6. What Aresti will be uses (Normal or Alternate)
          7. Reminder about being a current AMA/MAAC member
          8. Ask pilots to register and delete registration if unable to attend, this helps out the CD when creating the judging matrix and flight order and is common courtesy.
          9. And anything else you might feel is necessary
        3. If a flyer is created please attach it in your request for contest when you register the contest. A flyer is not a requirement if the info is on the details page.
        Thank you all for your support, again if you have questions please ask, I’m here to help.
        NOTE: I will not approve contests on the IMAC website if the above (2a-h) is not seen on your request for a contest, either in on the Details page or on the Flyer. The more information you provide the more informed we ALL are.
        Thanks again,


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          I really like that the system provides notice that something new has been posted.