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    We're still working on the full calendar. CDs, please get dates to me and submit all your AMA paperwork. In the meantime, I thought I would add a calendar we can all subscribe to. I will keep this and the site up to date, but it's nice to see everyone in a calendar view as well.

    Subscribe to webcal://

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    Hello All! I wanted to give everyone another update on the 2021 calendar. We have 8 events on the calendar so far. The remaining events to be scheduled are:

    State College (pending 5/15-16) - We are on hold for State College still. Club members are concerned that May might be too early given the COVID situation. We are looking to reschedule for July or August (preferably August). More info to follow.

    All the Canada events - Canada is still shutdown, along with the border. I reached out to the CDs, and we’re going to try and get the events on the calendar and see what happens over the coming months. Fingers crossed that we will be able to fly with our Canadien friends.

    Maine IMAC Challenge (7/17-18) - The CD, Tyler McCormack, has everything approved by the AMA. Look for Maine to show up on the calendar soon.

    Plum Island (7/31-8/1) - The club is onboard, but we’re looking for a CD. Daren Hudson has done it in a few times, but it’s time to bring someone else in. Who’s up for it?

    Lums Pond (9/11-12) - CD is working on sanction. Look for this to show up on the calendar soon.

    Finally, there is an online Spring Judging Session on Saturday, 4/10. Sign up and refresh your judging knowledge. It makes you a better pilot when you know what the judges are looking for. Plus, we need to have qualified judges for a successful contest. I know I’m always reminded of something when I go through a session every year.

    I hope everyone is having a good winter, even if not able to do a lot of flying.