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  • Mid-michigan imac contest


    Standard IMAC format with Basic, Sportsman, Intermediate, Advance, and Unlimited classes. Certificate awards through 3rd place in each class. No freestyle contest but freestyle demonstrations are welcomed and appreciated. Registration 8am Saturday. Wheels up 9am. Field open for practice and set up on Friday.

    Article By roxberrym | 05-24-2021 11:00 AM

    The Mid-Michigan IMAC contest is just a few weeks away! As one of the longest-running IMAC contests in the North Central Region, the Mid-Michigan is the must-attend event of the summer. .

    The Jackson RC Club invites you to join us for a great weekend of aerobatic fun and friendship. The announcement and flyer are on the IMAC website for additional information and to pre-register. Pre-registration is appreciated so we can adequately plan for our concession stand.

    As usual, Ms. Pam will have her delicious sloppy joes and all the fixin’s. Saturday evening dinner will be at a local favorite eatery- The Hunt Club. Great food, great libations, reasonable prices and great fun.

    Support your North Central contests so we can continue to hold great local events throughout our region. Your support is needed. The Mid-Michigan is a great contest for novice and basic pilots! A casual, no stress pace with lots of support from talented, experienced pilots.

    We could use more pilots in every class but especially in ADVANCE AND UNLIMITED.

    Make your plans now to attend the Mid-Michigan IMAC Contest, Jackson, Michigan, JUNE 26-27, 2021. Pete Dillon field will be open on Friday, June 25 for practice. You’ll have a great time, Guaranteed!!

    Mike R.

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    Always a terrific contest with a great CD (and friend). Sadly will not be able to cross the border. Two years in a row that I cannot be there, not to mention sloppy joe withdrawal !! Will miss this one badly.


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      Who remembers this Mid-Michigan Contest from 2007?

      Rob Weismiller 5932.48
      Ben Brock 5736.41
      Steve Carmer 5670.53
      Dan Bregar 5593.75
      Larry Noren 5194.81
      Cliff Bailey 4707.70
      Jim Daly 4228.40

      Curtis Cozier 6795.49
      Randy Claypool 6758.15
      Rick Kroeze 6717.64
      John Wing 6631.73
      Eric Wienczak 6226.77
      Ed Rogala 5821.61
      Michael Roxberry 5396.62
      Tom Villhauer 5371.00
      Michael Sotomayor 5191.42
      Vince Bodde 4773.81


      Mike Bargman 7000.00
      Lance Johnson 6483.47
      Woody Reymolds 6298.48
      Joe DiDia 6082.26
      Frank Morrissey 5859.23

      Brent Bilman 6809.32
      Larry Arseneau 6715.21
      Stacy Lloyd 6707.35
      Joe Utasi 6573.36
      Jim Gatewood 5750.44
      Kevin Reinhart 5749.46
      Bob Hudson 5444.82

      Kurt Koelling 7000.00
      Will Berninger 6622.33
      Cam McCausey 6434.27
      Brian Sanik 5876.17
      Wow, the Jackson RC Club field was sure filled with pilots that weekend. Would love to see those days again. We just have to keep working at it. Come to the Mid-Michigan this year. We’ll have a great time.
      Mike R.


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        How did you manage so many pilots? Two flight lines? Or three? Would be pretty cool to see that level of participation.


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          I’m sure we had two flight lines. Cars and pop-ups from one end of the field to the other.Loved every minute of it.
          Mike R.


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            How about back in 2016 when we had 16 pilots in Sportsman alone! I still feel bad for those judges, haha. Looking forward to this contest as always. Great to see so many basic pilots signed up. I expect that we will see a few more before the contest rolls around.

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            Matt Komar
            - North Central ARD
            - Team AJ Aircraft / Team Makin Bacon
            - 2018 IMAC Worlds Team USA Member


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              I remember judging the Sportsman Unknowns on the Sunday morning and it was blistering hot and looking right into the sun. That was a lot of pilots, just like the Nat's many moons ago.


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                IMPORTANT NOTICE

                The Mid-Michigan IMAC has been rescheduled to July 31-Aug 1 due to weather.
                Mike R.


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                  Never an easy call Mike. Thanks for making the effort to reschedule. We'll see everyone at the end of July!
                  Matt Komar
                  - North Central ARD
                  - Team AJ Aircraft / Team Makin Bacon
                  - 2018 IMAC Worlds Team USA Member


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                    Man, I was really looking forward to flying my first IMAC event this weekend. Thanks so much for rescheduling it though, let's just hope for some better weather.


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                      Just curious, I'm planning on bringing my 30cc 72in Sbach 300 to the competition and was wondering if anyone else is flying an airplane of similar size. It seems like in the pictures of past events it 50cc and up. I'm also wondering if my airplane is appropriate for the event and if I end up wanting to stick with this aspect of the hobby would it be worth going bigger?(sorry if this is the wrong place to be asking these questions)​​​​


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                        Your plane will be just fine for now and into the future. Yes, you will see many larger planes at the contests but don't feel that you are at a disadvantage. A properly setup 30cc plane can outperform a poorly setup 40% Carden.

                        My message to the new IMAC pilot when this question comes up is is to pick the plane that gets you excited to go out and fly. Your equipment will only get you so far. Ability comes from hours and hours of setup and practice and the best way to do that is to find a plane you love and spend all your time with it. If you want to chat about it at all give me a call (734) 637-4080. Looking forward to meeting you at Saranac in a few weeks.

                        Matt Komar
                        - North Central ARD
                        - Team AJ Aircraft / Team Makin Bacon
                        - 2018 IMAC Worlds Team USA Member


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                          What Matt said!! And very well said!

                          In fact a well setup 30cc can beat a well setup 40%. Burn the gas and you will improve.
                          Doug Pilcher


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                            I flew 30cc size most of the previous two years, and smaller glow the two years before that. I can promise you the plane was not limiting me lol. And you are competing against others but truly you are also competing against yourself, in that you challenge yourself to fly better to the extent you desire. Personally I enjoy the flying and the company more than how I do. These events are always fun.

                            Best advice I have heard yet about my flying is to slow down and allow time to execute. I do have a bigger plane now but it is not necessary to have a great time.


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                              Thanks for the advice! Good to know I'm not the only one using/used a 30cc airplane. I'm 100% certain now that If I get a bad score its the dummy behind the controls, not the plane! My only concern now is that I may need to do more tuning on it as I just switched it this spring from my tired Futaba 7c to my relatively new DX6e so Its not the most dialed in. Also I've been practicing taking my time through maneuvers and practicing staying on line. So far my transmitter says that I've been in the air for over 6hrs on my Sbach this spring and am hoping to make that an even 10 before the event too! Anyways thanks for your guy's Input, its really appreciated! I'm looking forward to meeting and learning from you guy's at the event!