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North Central Regionals Contest Wrap up

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  • North Central Regionals Contest Wrap up

    Well, guys we had a great regionals! It was cold as heck and drizzly but we had a lot of fun. It was supposed to rain tomorrow morning and we decided to run a one day contest. We got 3 full rounds and an unknown before 5 pm. A lot of hustling happened and people were in the air as the previous contestant finished flying their sequence. We got a 30 minute lunch to warm up and we had a great stew and biscuit dinner provided by Rob and Cherri ! Thank you two for all you do!!!!
    I’ll have the scores posted tomorrow evening. I want everyone to know we had 5 basic pilots attend the regionals and had 4 very serious people who came to watch who want (and have planes available) to fly in imac next year. We had several people talk to them and introduce them to the imac NCFR family! These guys had to be serious as cold and nasty as the weather was. We need to keep introducing people to imac. You have a friend who might be interested then bring them to the field or to a contest!

    I would like to thank Dave Walter and family for hosting our regionals and being a gracious host, Mark Schmaltz for his helping hand throughout the contest, Michael Roxberry for coming to help judge, Matt Komar for helping me do an airplane repair on my Corsair, and our own Chef-boyardee Rob (and Cherri)!

    Thanks everyone for battling through the weather and for everyone to adhere to all the Covid guidelines! With these guidelines in place I believe we can have a safe full season next year!

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    It was great to see everyone this past weekend! Let's hope this Winter passes quickly and looking forward to 2021!


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      Looks like good times, field looks nice and green.