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  • NC Judging School?

    Given the nationwide lockdown, I am assuming the NC Judging school will be cancelled or delayed. I see under Judging forum some online training, is that a good substitute? Or is it to prepare one for the school?

    Rob Willis and I have a Primer scheduled for May 2, hoping to keep that, since it is local, don’t need much notice to cancel so can wait to see how things are shaking out. Was hoping to relate some of the items we learn in judging school.


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    I did the online school Last year and thought it was great. there is testing after the modules, so it gives you a good understanding of what you picked up, and what you need to go back and re-read. I found it helped my flying knowing and understanding where i am loosing points, etc.
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      Thank you Jason! A great amount of work went into putting that together by Ty Lyman and Brad Davy's recorded sessions. The testing modules are also of great benefit as lets you know where you need to re-read maybe and retain a section or portion. Thanks for sharing this with others.

      David, I do not think a final decision has been made on the Muncie School as of yet.

      Doug Pilcher


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        I am hoping it is not cancelled. I and a couple of guys from here were planning on going. I guess time will tell if it will be cancelled.


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          Hey Jim
          i won’t be making that decision until the 1st week in April.


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            Alright NCFR, it looks like with them saying the virus has not peeked yet we are going to cancel the Judging School. If we are able to reschedule it won't be decided until May 1.

            Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. With any luck, lets hope we can start our season on time,


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              I started going through the online judging school material, any suggestions?