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Latinoamerican constest in méxico

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  • Latinoamerican constest in méxico

    Hi all

    I send you a cordial greeting hoping that everyone is well as well as your loved ones.

    I would like to share with you how the idea of ​​making a Panamerican contest in Mexico. For which I will start by doing a little history to get the complete idea.

    Being the president of IMAC in Mexico a couple of years ago, I contacted Luiz Boch who at that time was serving as coordinator of IMAC LATINOAMERICA so that they would visit us and that we would have a clinic for judging and adjusting airplanes in Querétaro, Mexico. This visit was carried out with great success and we were accompanied by 4 pilots from different countries with whom we exchanged knowledge, adjustments and taught us several tips on how to qualify the maneuvers that are done in the different categories. Leave there the idea of ​​conducting a Panamerican IMAC contest in Mexico arose, however, it only remained an idea that needed planning and time. A year later I was appointed as Director of IMAC LATINOAMERICA, which gave me more opportunity and a better position to connect with the Presidents of the countries involved in this project. I spoke with them to let them know of the idea I had in this regard and how we could solve some of the problems such as boarding the planes to bring them to Mexico, the oils used by the engines, among other relevant issues, to what I received a pleasant acceptance of that idea.

    In addition to this, one of the important and central topics of this project was the training of judges, a topic that I began to work with Oliver Soto, who has a long career in IMAC competitions and who is currently the creator and manager of imparting the Judging clinics at the LATIN AMERICAN level, which by the way has had excellent results.

    What is sought as the main objective in the Panamerican IMAC / FREESTYLE contest is to fly with pilots from different LATIN AMERICAN countries and thus have, in addition to a closer relationship between us, obtain an experience that can be compared to that of a contest of very good flight level with international standard that will leave unforgettable moments, both in hobby and personal.

    A lot of work is being done on the training-certification of the judges to have the theoretical knowledge and experience of the judges in faithful adherence to the performance in the air by the pilots. With this, you will have the certainty that arbitration will not be a determining factor in the results of the pilots' qualifications.

    There is a lot of work to do as the most appropriate venues are being sought to carry out this event, so as soon as the main thing is coordinated, we will be able to inform you of the exact dates and the place where the contest will take place in 2021.

    Thank you very much for your interest and we will be in contact



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    Excelente Jorge, estamos más que atentos en Chile de la programación


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