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Wellcome to all, USE OF 2 or 3 BLADES FOR THE IMAC FLIGHT

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  • Wellcome to all, USE OF 2 or 3 BLADES FOR THE IMAC FLIGHT

    Hello good afternoon

    I am Jorge Guzmán Director of Latin America, I want to welcome everyone to this space to comment and exchange opinions. It is a very good opportunity to know the experiences of each one of you with the topics that are treated, as well as of course, to approach in this world of model airplane that we are passionate about.

    To begin with, it seems to you if I tell you that in the past months there has been a controversy and a series of opinions about the use of the blades in the engines. Some pilots comment that the use of the 3 blades ensures a constant speed both in ascent and descents, while on the other hand, the use of 2 blades the descent is faster which could detract from the qualification of the maneuvers. I would like to know what your opinions are about it.

    Thank you so much
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    e-mail. [email protected]

    Hola Buenos Tardes

    Soy Jorge Guzmán Director de Latinoamerica, les quiero dar la bienvenida a todos a este espacio para comentar e intercambiar opiniones. Es una oportunidad muy buena de conocer las experiencias de cada uno de ustedes con los temas que se traten, además de claro, acercarnos en este mundo del aeromodelismo que nos apasiona.

    Para empezar, les parece si les comento que en los pasados meses a existido una polémica y una serie de opiniones acerca del uso de las palas en los motores. Unos pilotos comentan que el uso de las 3 palas aseguran una velocidad constante tanto en ascenso como en los descensos, mientras que por el otro lado , el uso de 2 palas el descenso es más rápido lo cual pudiera demeritar la calificación de las maniobras. Me gustaría saber cuáles son sus opiniones al respecto.

    Muchas Gracias

    Tel. 722 201 2505
    email. [email protected]

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    Hola Jorge,

    You are correct in your description. I will add that some pilots prefer two blades because I think works better in very windy conditions. Also, two blades are more efficient so there is a little more vertical performance available. However, yes, the three blades helps in the downlines. At the end, pilots should select the one that makes him and airplane perform better.

    De nada,

    Vicente "Vince" Bortone