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    The new forums as you see, are open. Transition has begun. You will find that the "The Hangar" tab on now directs you to here to this platform where a new account will need to be setup. We are asking for "Given Names" when you sign up. As there is a problem with confirming with the current website your user ID when you migrate since these 2 (two) platforms are not able to cross verify security roles. If you use an alias or ID we are not able to cross check with main membership accounts than we have no way to confirm your status nor update it in new forums.

    If we are able to identify you thru an email address, your "Display Name" will be changed to reflect that so we are then able to give your permissions to the correct forums. Members Only, Committee Forums you may be a part of. ETC.

    The OLD Forums are still available if you "Hover" over the "The Hangar" tab you will see "Forum Archive" which is the original forums and still active in a read and write state. HOWEVER, conversations are being continued on the new platform and we will make the "Forum Archive" a read only status when the majority of members have migrated.
    Doug Pilcher
    IMAC Vice President
    [email protected]