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    Having been on the BOD for the last rendition of the IMAC website that was decided on prior to joining the BOD I saw first hand the fallout as the transition period took place. That being said, the transition period was a couple months in the OFF SEASON.

    THE EVENTS PORTION OF THE WEBSITE IS BROKEN. I am told others with Regional Director permissions can see pilots signed up. I VERIFIED that I am signed in... Checked three contests that two that I am a participant and one that I am the CD and I don't see any pilots listed for any contest.

    IRPS - is TOTALLY BROKEN!!!! When are we going to have a system that tabulates the IRPS scores????

    New website is CLUNKY at best.

    Do what it takes, spend some money and FIX IT.

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    Hi Clark give me a call you should be able to see all the pilots when logged in Ill need to get the webmaster involved to see what is wrong with your profile. The IRPS is being worked on and its not as simple as we thought it would be with the recent IRPS calculation that was passed in January. Number is 775-434-3538.
    Alex Dreiling
    Phone: 775-434-3538


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      Not quite accurate Clark. I was there thru out the entire transition from 2 sites ago to last and on phone and testing the last transition with Roy. That was easy over 8 months and still had major issues with posting being correct and that is before, as Alex mentioned a change was made to IRPS. Dan had most in place and uploads and testing was going very well but a change was asked for from the regions regarding the calculations. This created several new portions of code as I understand that then had to be worked on. Not to mention the addition of Freestyle points. As an RD for many years, the math can be calculated and RD's have ability to post updates in the Region pages news entries. This cannot be blamed on Dan Carroll who has worked tirelessly along with his day job to do this for us.
      Doug Pilcher


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        Hiya Clark,

        I'm the website admin and developer. I'd like to help with your problem.
        First off, could you please post a screen shot of what you see? Also, with your permission, I'd like to log into the site and try and replicate the issue myself. I don't need your password to do this, but you'll have to reset it afterwards... Please let me know.

        Secondly, I'd like to address your comments about the state of the website. Perhaps it's not clear what the challenges are for a small organisation to create a website with this kind of functionality.
        I could go into a discussion about what that effort might look like and what costs might be associated by that, but that's a fruitless exercise. Let's just say it's a lot of effort, and it costs a lot.

        It is volunteers who work in the background to get things moving and provide a way for you to enjoy competing at a comp on the weekends.
        I won't say it's a thankless task, as I do receive thanks from those who are aware of the effort and work being done. But for most users this work is indeed invisible and most have no idea the effort that goes into it.

        Constructive criticism is useful, and welcome. I do my best to address people's concerns and needs.
        Screaming rants into the wind don't do anything to motivate anyone and I have to admit, when I read your post, my first thought was, "Why the hell am I bothering here?" So thanks for that.

        If you could provide the information I've requested, I'd be most grateful. I've already checked your account and it looks OK so I would indeed like to know why you see no pilots..


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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ID:	6628​This is what I see on EVERY event - no pilots listed at all

          Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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          As you can see here I am signed in on the website.

          Doug Pilcher, Yes, I am very much aware you fought problems with the website for quite sometime. The thing is, the general user of the website was able to see upcoming contests and if memory is correct there wasn't the issue of being able to see contest scores, individual scores, and IRPS that we have the issue with right now. I'm very much aware of how to calculate IRPS scores, my issue is that I shouldn't have to. My points this season aren't going to matter with IRPS anyway.


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            Hiya Clark....

            I changed your password and logged in as you. It all looks fine for me.
            That is not to say it's not happening for you! Or others for that matter, so indeed I'd like to figure out what's going on.

            The fact that it's not related to your account tells me there is a problem with your particular browser.. If you use a different computer or phone what do you see?

            I'd like to have you try a few things.. When is a good time to call you? Let's get this fixed for you.

            (Note: I had to reset/restore your password - it should work for you again but if not, please just use the 'forgot password' link on the login page).

            Edit: I've just sent you a facebook message - you might have to look in the 'message requests' section to see it.
            Last edited by Dan Carroll; 08-01-2023, 04:02 PM.


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              Hi Dan,

              I can't see pilots listed when using my andriod phone. I can on my desk top.

              For what it's worth.



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                Thank's Skip...
                To know how to fix this problem I really need to be able to do some testing with someone who has the problem. I've reached out to Clark but he must be busy.

                Can I contact you to do some tests on your phone for me?


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                  sure, what do you need from me?