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A Thank You but not Goodbye!!

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  • A Thank You but not Goodbye!!

    This is coming with the 4th Quarter "In The Box" but it is not quite finished. But wanted to share my article here.

    From the President: (2022 4th Quarter)

    I would like to say thank you, but not goodbye to the IMAC Organization (family) for these last 15 years. (Almost 10 with the BOD)

    I have been and remain grateful for my IMAC family around the world. I have been part of IMAC since 2008 at my local club level in Sherman Texas as CD running the IMAC annual competitions at our club. In 2013 I was asked to be ARD of Texas of the South-Central region and in 2014 asked by the BOD if I would step up to Regional Director by Wayne Matthews. Wayne and the rest of the BOD at that time were wonderful in helping me learn what was expected and needed as an RD. The North Central RD at the time (Mike Karnes) was very helpful in guiding me to navigate the running and growth of the South-Central region. I have made a lot of lifelong friends with IMAC around the world. I was also lucky enough to have my wife Rosie Pilcher and daughter Leasha Case for helping from local competitions to Nat’s and Worlds 18. Also, with a few IJS judging schools in between. Could not have done any of these things without the support of these two ladies.

    I am grateful to every one of the BOD members and the individual committees and members I have worked with over the last 10 years. A lot of change has happened because of each of them. We were able to integrate the rest of the international community in the growth of 3 additional regions, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Europe. And I am sure this growth will continue with the eventual break into yet smaller regions among those. I am confident the BOD going forward will bring about many other great advancements and growth to IMAC. I think Alex Dreiling is the perfect man to take the next BOD forward in this growth.

    As for me, I do not plan to disappear. I plan to continue with the ISC group and current librarian as well as help with the continuation of the migration to the new website. I also plan to dust off several years of dust from some planes and get some much-needed maintenance completed and get some stick time on them again.

    A huge thank you to all of you in the IMAC community for your support in this amazing time I was able to spend with the BOD. I hope you all join me in continuing to help grow IMAC as we move forward and continue to support the organization and the Board of Directors in the years that come.

    I would also like to add a heartfelt and humbled thank you to the Board of Directors (2023-2024) for honoring me with a Lifetime Honorary Membership with IMAC. It is MOST Appreciated and humbling!! I will see everyone out at the contests!!

    Doug Pilcher

    [email protected]

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    Doug Pilcher

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    Congratulations Doug! Your years of service is GREATLY appreciated!
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      Congrats Doug! Thank you for everything you have done for South Central and IMAC as a whole. Hopefully this means that we will see you flying at a contest near us soon