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    Was thinking it would be interesting to have a “fun” challenge on Saturday evenings or sundays while waiting for scores. Everyone could bring out their foamies (we know you have them!). Or small electrics. One challenge could be Smallest Possible Airspace. Use any plane (smaller is better of course), fly 3-5 maneuvers, same ones for everyone, and do it in smallest possible airspace. Everyone gets a score 1-10 for airspace and either a 10 or 0 for maneuver based on current rules for zeroing (get a 0 if you don’t do the right maneuver). Multiply airspace by maneuver score. Keep maneuvers at sportsman level. Can’t use contest plane.

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    David Many Years ago I did Quad F "FFFF" ie Fun Flying Foamy Freestyle. It was simple:--- random music all foamys flew at once for 4 minutes. The winner was determined by spectator applause. Usually could obtain a foamy kit or something to give the winner.