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  • Tents and portable shower , etc.

    Hi everyone,

    Looking forward to competing this season. But with funds being tight . Pat & i are talking about camping at the events . Here in the northeast all events allow camping .but no hookup's.

    Any recommendations on tents , portable showers ?

    Since we have a mini van with 2 100cc birds in it , we're not going to have allot of room to haul something big.

    Also where could you get water locally for the portable shower? (Not drinkable but clean water) with out hauling it.

    Any pit falls we should be aware of ?

    God Speed, Fred

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    I have a cheap 4 person tent from REI. A two person tent is too small, and I can stand up in a 4 person tent. After a couple of camping contests sleeping on the ground, I upgraded to a cot. I don’t recall seeing water available anywhere for a portable shower, so I end up roughing it for the weekend.

    Biggest issue I had was a cheap cooler. If it got hot, it wouldn’t hold ice at all. I upgraded to a better cooler, and all is better now.


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      Thank you for the reply


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        I've used this in the past: Mr. Heater F235300 BOSS-XB13 Basecamp Battery Operated Shower System,Multi : Tools & Home Improvement

        Last couple of years I've been a member of Anytime fitness($35/mo), they have 6000 locations in the USA and have always found one within 30 minutes of contests and they all have nice private showers


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          thank you


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            I have found for a weekend of camping at a contest, a boy scout shower works best (use a small water container, a bar of soap, and a washcloth. Just clean the worst parts) I usually bring 5 gallons for the weekend, and use about 1.5-2 gallons for drinking and freshening up. You can also carry a couple packs of wet-ones. Troops used them in Iraq and Afghanistan for a quick clean up with little water and almost no storage space or added weight.



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              Agree with Brad. I refer to it as a "%hores Bath".
              Doug Pilcher


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                I've been camping at contests for 15+ years and was previously using a 7 man Tent, for the headroom and space and a blow up air mattress on a folding raised bed frame to be well of the ground. About 5 years ago I found this and been loving it since I can sleep inside the back of my Dodge Grand Caravan and not have to wory about getting wet. Lots of room in the two tents to store gear and planes. For a shower just cary 10 Litres of water with a flexible hose with a shower head on it. Put the water container up on the roof of the van and the sun heats it up.
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                  Sounds like a good way to save money, not sure if the ladies would care much for it though