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AMA is now requesting Altitude for sanctioned events.

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  • AMA is now requesting Altitude for sanctioned events.

    Recently AMA has been following up on recent events to CD's to submit additional information to sanctioned events wanting to add the altitude your participants will be flying. I reached out to Chad Budreau directly with further information. This was his reply.

    Hi Doug,

    We are formalizing a process with the FAA and Congress to more permanently secure altitudes for events. This information will help us in our discussions with the FAA. I suspect IMAC events will easily need 1200’ or 2000’ AGL, but filling out this form helps validate our assumptions.

    Depending on how these meetings go, we may be inviting CDs and SIG leaders to help in the process to include possibly working side by side with staff in FAA meetings.


    I believe the best course of action currently is to submit the information requested and show 2000' AGL We will be discussing more with AMA directly and with the BOD and further information will follow as it becomes available.

    Thank You..
    Doug Pilcher

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    I got that letter, and I agree. Responded with 2000 ft.
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