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Can you fly two classes at one event ?

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  • Can you fly two classes at one event ?

    Greetings all,

    Can you fly in two classes at one event ?

    When I was drag racing some tracks allowed you to run two classes at one event , but they did not wait on you. You didn't make it to staging lanes on time , too bad .
    Others complained that that you where getting "extra" time trails even though you paid to run two class .

    Just a thought .

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    No that would not be allowed since the Points race is pretty specific on the class you fly or compete in. So for example you were to enter the points race in Sportsman and flew a few comps. But then decided to move up to Intermediate part way thru the season. Your points accumulated from Sportsman then would be forfeited and you would then be in the Intermediate class points race the remainder of that season. And if you decided you were beyond the skills for the Intermediate class and wanted to go back to Sportsman. You would need your Regional Directors permission to then move back down. Another thing to consider here that if you were allowed to do this. You would "muddy" the points in a given contest for the Sportsman class.

    A novel idea but not an option within IMAC.
    Doug Pilcher


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      Understood & Thank you


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        The "exception" would be for us ole guys/gals.....SENIORS!!! Basically competing for 2 awards, although still only flying one category.