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Nominations for the Board of Directors

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  • Nominations for the Board of Directors

    Hello Everyone,
    It is once again the time to have nominations. If you want to participate in the nomination and election process you must be a current member of IMAC
    The two year term of the present IMAC BOD is coming to an end in December 2020.

    Nominations will take place starting September 1, 2020 for all positions. It is important that you exercise your right as members to vote for the individuals whom you would like to keep IMAC moving forward into the future.

    Please before nominating an individual, it IS also important that you DO contact the individual(s) whom you would like to nominate FIRST, to ensure that he/she will undertake the job. This way, we won't have names submitted and then a refusal afterward.

    When nominated please post in the forum your acceptance of the nomination.

    All positions: President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, and all 9 Regional Directors can be nominated.

    Nominations will close at Midnight September 30, 2020 EST for all positions. Election period will open up for 2 weeks in a Members Only section of the of the IMAC website October 1, 2020.

    Elections will conclude at Midnight on October 14, 2020 at midnight EST.

    Here is a copy of the section in our By-Laws pertaining to elections:

    Sec. 1 - Nominations
    Nominations for all offices shall take place during September of the election year. To be eligible for nomination, a candidate must be a member in good standing.

    Sec. 2 - Notification
    The membership shall be notified of the nominees for the various offices through direct mail, IMAC Website or other form of official IMAC communication.

    Sec. 3 - Elections
    The method of voting and the election period shall be determined by the board of directors and announced 30 days in advance of the designated election period. Votes received after midnight of the final day of the election period shall not be counted.