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  • InTheBox Newsletter Vol X is here

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    Hi Rich.... Very well done. Just a note: In the report done by Manrico with the introduction of the Noutamatic system, he mentions that the SCORE! software was developed by Dan Carrol of Australia. Kudos to Dan for the continuation of the development.

    However, the proper courtesies MUST be given to the person who actually developed, enhanced, and streamlined the SCORE! for IMAC for many years, until he was unable to continue due to tragic circumstances in his life. That individual's name is DAVE SMITH! He also allowed us (IMAC) to continue with the development without infringing on any copyrights he had on the program.
    Thank you.


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      Yes Wayne you are correct and Dave remains the Top billed name in any and all "Score! official for IMAC" Released versions of Score! and would definitely remain as such. Dan Carroll would be the first to credit Dave with his years and years of work and allowing IMAC to continue with its code going forward. Manrico is referring to the work continued on to its enhancements and adaptation to its abilities with Electronic scoring. All released packages still has Dave listed as "Written By" and would remain as such, and still points to Dave's original website at even though Dave has taken the site down.
      Doug Pilcher