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Merry Christmas to my IMAC Family

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  • Merry Christmas to my IMAC Family

    I want to wish all of IMAC a blessed holiday. And share with you something I find quite appropriate. Not just at Christmas but the whole year thru.

    "BE SANTA"

    You grow up believing in Santa. Then you don't believe in Santa. Then you start looking like Santa. In the end you are Santa.
    A young boy asked his father whether Santa was real or not. The father replied, I can tell you, but with knowledge comes responsibility. So once you know, you then have to act on that knowledge. Are you mature enough to have such knowledge the father asked? The young boy assured him he was. The father then explained that Santa was in fact real. However he is not a physical being. He is an ideal. A belief that we are all to help the less fortunate. A spirit of giving. To give with no expectation of receiving in return. All of the world's major religions have giving and charity as one of their major tenants. This Holiday Season and beyond, I encourage all my friends and family...…...

    Author Unknown

    Merry Christmas and a Happy, Health and Prosperous New Year!

    Doug Pilcher

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    Merry Christmas Doug, to you, Mike and all the BOD. Thanks for doing what you do to make our hobby fun for all of us. We appreciate all the volunteers and CD's that allow us to have all the great friends on both sides of the border and internationally. All the best for great flying and great contests in 2020.