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For sale, DA 200 Light

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  • For sale, DA 200 Light

    This is a DA 200 light
    4 cylinder gas motor
    it has 300 flights on it
    never involved in a crash / accident / prop strike
    this motor helped me win the October 2017 Advanced Regional Championship/Worlds Qualifier with my Carden Pro (sold).
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4473.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4474.jpg
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    PM me for more INFO.

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    this looks like a standard DA-200. Not a Light? As the cylinders aren't honed down?


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      Jamie, 2 versions of Light one has rounded cyl the other thinner fins


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        Originally posted by Daniel Powell View Post
        Jamie, 2 versions of Light one has rounded cyl the other thinner fins
        Hello Danny
        as you may recall, I have 4 da 200 quads.
        the 1st one i ever got was the DA 200 MAG. this DA 200 was supposed to be the lighest version. the whole purpose of the mag was for the lighter set up.

        the mag, back then, had a case that was made of magnesium, and therefore, the case had to be painted. to not expose the magnesium to the air / oxygen.
        also, orighinally, the mag had the "light" cylinders, which were the thick fins and basically milled down.

        on all 4 of my DA 200, i have always used the Jeti telemetry to give me an idea of the cylinder head temp, nearest to spark plug, and in the shadow of the prop blast or air travel around the fins.

        WIth that information, I was able to see a huge difference when I sent my Da 200 MAG to DA and asked them to put the new cylinders on her, meaning, the ultra thin fins.

        After I installed it back in the same airplane, with all other variables being exactly the same, the temperatures went down by 50 degrees F.

        i have only one more DA 200 light that still has the milled down (round) cylinder heads. All my other 3, including the one I am selling, has the ultra thin fins with the squared off cylinder heads.