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PAU Extra 300SP 105" RTF (MVVS 116, Savox, etc')

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  • PAU Extra 300SP 105" RTF (MVVS 116, Savox, etc')

    Hi y'all

    Unique PAU Extra 300SP 105".
    Flown only about 40 flights.

    Comes with:
    1. New design drop carb MVVS 116cc engine w/ stock mufflers.
    (A premium high-quality engine with tremendous power and a distinctive low sound) & 3S lipo ignition.

    2. High quality Mejzlik 28-11 prop (Specially designed for the MVVS 116)

    3. High quality Mejzlik low weight Carbon Fiber spinner

    4. Savox 6v servos on all surfaces.

    5. HD Switches for ignition and receiver.

    6. B&E decals and graphics.

    *****READY TO FLY*****
    just connect your favorite radio and batteries.

    ***No crashes***
    ***Looks brand new***

    Will except only PayPal


    ***************LOCATED IN HARVEST ALABAMA*****************
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