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  • Godfrey / Deadalus Extra 300

    This is a new kit build I did as a parts prove out build for the Daedalus / Godfrey kits. As it currently sits, the fuse is built, and all sheeting has been done. This plane has been built for a DA 200. It has been modified so that the stabs mount with bolts through the root to the fuse (vs bolts into the tube), and the wings mount with bolts into the wing root (vs bolts into the wing tube). I plan to complete this to ARF stage and the remainder of the build will be stock - elev / ail size, fin mount, etc - unless someone wants it with some modifications. If someone wants it covered as well that can be discussed. Any questions please feel free. Lots of pics here: (note, some of these are of a twin build that has been completed). Plane is located in central VA (Mechanicsville).
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    Ty didnt see many pictures on the link.

    Interested, Is this Sold and where are you located?

    Regards Jim Daly


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      Hi Jim,
      It is still available; I'm in Richmond VA. Just to the right of the three pics in the thread is an album link "34 photos." Let me know if you want to see something else, or any questions.


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        OK that's a 10 hour one way drive for me. So probably a $300 trip between gas, meals and Hotel. Have to think some more. Just missed a used Carden Pro in Quebec for same price Canadian but about the same drive time. LOL Guess I'll stick with my 107" Aerotech Yak 54 with DA120 on PlaneBender Pipes and at least try flying Intermediate with is before jumping to a 40%. Cabin Fever LOL! Stay Frosty EH!


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          If i go to Nats, I'm sure I could find a way to bring it with me.


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            Originally posted by Ty Lyman View Post
            If i go to Nats, I'm sure I could find a way to bring it with me.
            Ty, You' re an Enabler! LOL!


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              Plane is nearly rtc state, cowl to be mounted and I have one wing left to hinge / bevel.
              $1500.00 obo, would also consider trade arrangement for a nib or excellent condition 120cc airframe.