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USA Scale Aerobatic NATS - RULES 2023

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  • USA Scale Aerobatic NATS - RULES 2023

    1.The AMA Scale Aerobatics NATs will take place July 28th – 31st, 2023 at the AMA Site in Muncie Indiana.

    2. Entry fees are as follows:
    Basic Registration Fee: $60.00, Junior: Free, Open: Basic registration fee plus $100 = Total $160
    a. Please note when filling out the contest entry form there are some additional questions to answer:
    b. Class competing? - 2.4 GHz ONLY
    c. Are you planning to participate in the Freestyle Contest? - 2.4 GHz ONLY
    Your entry fee covers the contest and one banquet ticket; additional banquet tickets will be available for purchase during the event for $10.00 from the Co-Event Director.

    3. AMA HQ Sites may be available on the 27th but are not guaranteed. Pilots are encouraged to try different flying sites in the area for practice prior to the contest. Practice will end on the 27th at 4:30 PM to allow for the Pilots Meeting at 5:00 PM at the AMA HQ. Practice flights are limited to 10 minutes or 2 Sequences max whichever comes first. Pilots exceeding this may be grounded from practice for a period determined by the ED, Co-ED or other event team personnel. Goal being all pilots have an equitable opportunity for practice flights.

    4. Upon arrival, (prior to flying) please check in and pick up your Contestant packet at the front desk of the AMA building (first building on the left across from the museum).

    5. Remaining Contestant Packets will be available from the Event Director at the pilots meeting on July 27th.

    6. All flight lines shall be closed to contestants at 4:30 pm on Thursday July 27th, so everyone has adequate time to attend the 5pm meeting in the upstairs Boardroom at the AMA Headquarters.

    7. Pilot’s Meeting / Final Pilot Roll Call 5:00 pm Thursday July 27th. DO NOT BE LATE. Final Pilot Roll Call time may be adjusted earlier if attendance is higher than expected.

    8. The flight order will be established by pin draw at Thursday’s Pilot’s Meeting.
    a. Shared aircraft conflicts will be taken into consideration at this time. Please note: Work assignments or callers DO NOT constitute a conflict.

    9. Contestant Judging will be used during the 2023 NATs. A contestant who misses a judging assignment will have their next round ZERO’d! Judging assignment substitutions are permitted but must be pre-approved by the Event Director. Should said assignment be missed, the originally assigned judge will receive the zero for a missed judging assignment.

    10. The 2022-2023 AMA Scale Aerobatic Rules SHALL be followed. For questions, refer to the rulebook. The only exception to the 2022-2023 AMA Scale Aerobatic Rules will be the final day drop schedule. NOTE: We will be using the standard sequences for 2023.
    a. Side Force Generators shall not be permitted during any flight (including freestyle) during the AMA Scale Aerobatic National Championships.

    11. The Friday Unknown will be distributed after the Thursday 5:00pm Pilots/Judge’s Meeting in the AMA board room.

    12. The Friday Unknown will be flown the third [3rd] round. Remaining two [2] Days they will be flown first. The Final Day will be 1 Unknown, 1 Known, 1 Known, and the Final Unknown.

    13. Wheels up all days will be 7:00 AM (Weather and Ceiling Permitting).
    a. The pilot order will change each morning based on pilot standings by the Contest Director.
    b. De-confliction for borrowed aircraft etc. will be completed at this time.
    c. Should a contestant need to drop to the end of the line during a round for maintenance, radio problem, etc., the contestant’s pin placement will return to the original position once the round is complete.
    e. Callers and airplanes being shared between classes shall be considered only on the evening of the original pilot draw and applied for the random draw for the final 3 days.

    14. DROP Schedule –SEE pages 6 & 7 in the IMAC Contest Standards.

    15. The next two [2] days Unknowns will be passed out each evening after all flying is complete. Unknowns will be available from the Event Director and shall be flown the first [1st] round the next two [2] days.

    16. We are hoping to get in as many known rounds as possible and one unknown each day each of first 3 days. Your cooperation by being ready to fly and judge when it is your turn will facilitate more flying.

    17. There will be two flight lines; Scale Aerobatics time constraints will be in place and adhered to:
    13.1: “The contestant has two (2) minutes to start his/her engine and become airborne.”
    The clock will start at the beginning of the 7th maneuver being flown by the preceding pilot.
    13.2: “The contestant has one (1) minute from the time the wheels leave the ground during takeoff to enter the aerobatic airspace.” (Line Boss will dictate if a wait and or hold is required)
    This time will start no later than the previous contestant exiting the aerobatic airspace. You may need to enter a holding pattern to allow the preceding pilot to complete their sequence. You will have 1 minute from the time the previous pilot calls out of the box to call in the box unless otherwise directed by a Line Boss or the judges. Exceeding the 1 minute rule will constitute a warning by the Event Director for the first offense. Repeating offenders will be charged with a break penalty for the round.

    18. Official Flights / Attempts / Notification – 10.1.1 A vocal signal is mandatory to initiate the attempt. If a vocal declaration is not made the pilot becomes subject to the other standard constraints stipulated in these rules, e.g., time limit for entering, no aerobatics before entering, etc. Once the attempt is made by means of the vocal declaration, judging will begin as soon as the aircraft departs from the wings-level horizontal entry line and enters the first maneuver of the sequence. The horizontal entry line to the first maneuver of a sequence is not judged.”
    Number of Flights. 11. An official flight (round) for the known program is defined as a minimum of one (1) sequence, and not more than two (2) sequences, as published by the CD in the contest announcement. The CD may also use a single sequence round if time constraints prevent completion of a planned two (2) sequence round. When an official known flight (round) is two (2) sequences, the contestant is to be able to complete the round without refueling between sequences. If the second sequence cannot be completed the contestant will receive a zero (0) for each un-scored maneuver in that sequence. An official flight (round) for the unknown program is defined as one (1) sequence. There shall be no limit on the number of flights (other than that imposed by time available).

    19. Turn around maneuvers - 13.5. Prior to entering the aerobatic airspace, between sequences, and prior to landing, pilots shall be allowed to perform only the following trim and positioning maneuvers: • Turns. • Half Cubans or Reverse Half Cubans with only a single ½ roll on the 45-degree line. Note: The 1/2 roll is optional based on the aircraft orientation required to initiate the aerobatic sequence. • Single 1/2 roll to inverted immediately prior to an attempt when the first figure requires an inverted entry. • Single 1/2 roll to upright following an inverted exit from the last maneuver. • Half Loops: 1) Half inside loop with only a single ½ roll on entry or exit. Note: The 1/2 roll is optional based on the aircraft orientation required to initiate or exit the aerobatic sequence. 2) Half outside loop to upright for sequences that end in inverted flight. Note: For sequences that start inverted, once inverted the pilot is committed to the attempt and must initiate the sequence. Unless specifically noted, all turn-around figures must initiate from upright flight, and aircraft must be returned to upright flight upon completion of the first sequence. Exceptions to allowable turnaround figures may only be directed by the CD or line boss in the course of managing the airspace. Pilots will follow such directions and no penalty will apply. Turnaround maneuvers may not be performed at low altitude or directly in front of the judges. No other aerobatic maneuvers are allowed immediately following the airplane breaking ground. Academy of Model Aeronautics Competition Regulations | Radio Control Scale Aerobatics 10 An illegal maneuver performed before entering a sequence will result in zeroing the following sequence. An illegal maneuver prior to landing will result in zeroing the preceding sequence. NO LOW ALTITUDE FLYBY’s ARE ALLOWED and will result in a Zero’d Round!

    20. Scores will be uploaded continually to a VPN at the contest. Individual scores can be seen there. Individual scoresheets will not be printed.

    21. The top 50% in each class will advance to the final day with no less than 10 contestants and no more than 15 contestants in each class. Example – if a class has 20 participants, then the top 10 will move forward to the final day; but, if there are 18 in a class, ½ would be 9, so the top 10 will participate in the final day. But if there are 36 in a class ½ is 18 so only 15 will move on to Saturday.

    22. At the banquet, two [2] UNKNOWNS will be passed out for the final day’s flights.

    23. All finalists will advance to the 4th day of competition with the previous three (3) days scores. A normal drop schedule will remain for Known Rounds. One additional Unknown drop will be allowed for a total of 2 drops after all 5 Unknowns are flown. If we do not make it to 5 total Unknown flights pilots will only be able to drop 1 Unknown.

    24. All eligible contestants scores from the first three days shall count, in full, towards their IRPS regional points tally.

    25. (finals) flying schedule is as follows: Unknown 1, Known 1, Known 2, Unknown 2. All rounds are single sequences with each sequence being judged by a different panel of judges.

    26. Upon completion of precision aerobatic competition there will be a Freestyle Pilot’s and Judges Meeting. Then the Freestyle will begin. Freestyle music is due to the “Chief Judge” by the morning of July 31st. If we do not have your music by this time, you may still fly freestyle, but with no music. If your music is on your phone, make the “Chief Judge” aware. Also, if on phone, you must provide “pin” to unlock phone and have music already cued for play. (**We may add additional rounds for Freestyle earlier in the week depending on time and participants desire to add additional rounds**).

    27. Questions and disputes about scoring are handled through the Contest Director. Do not approach the judges.

    28. Sound scores will be scored on a scale of 10 to 0 with 10 denoting “Very Quiet,” and 0 denoting “Very noisy.” If a pilot receives a sound score of three (3) or less for the same sequence from two or more judges, the pilot will be notified of the problem and will be requested by the Contest Director to adjust or modify the aircraft to reduce the sound level prior to the next round. If that pilot, after notification, again receives a sound score of three (3) or less for the same sequence from two or more judges, that pilot will be disqualified from further competition at that contest.

    Some more information which some may find helpful. I will update the list as it becomes available.
    · Concessions will be onsite (Arranged by AMA).
    · The July 30th Banquet will be on site in the McCullough Room.
    · Be prepared for a variety of weather conditions, it may be hot so please stay hydrated. But, remember in 2009 & 2011 it was in the mid 40s for much of the contest.
    · After hours, please feel free to mingle throughout the campus and get to know your fellow pilots.
    · Prior to the Banquet, the Museum will be open for NATs Contestants and their families.
    · Please obey all traffic signs while on AMA property.

    Alex Dreiling
    Phone: 775-434-3538

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    For contestant judging, will scribes be required?

    thx, Skip


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      Originally posted by Skip Messick View Post
      For contestant judging, will scribes be required?

      thx, Skip
      Hi Skip yes scribes are required. These will be assigned by the CD .
      Last edited by Alex Dreiling; 4 days ago. Reason: Adding clarification :)
      Alex Dreiling
      Phone: 775-434-3538


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        Ok, been there, done that. I'll pass. Traveling solo and trying to find someone to scribe as well as fly and judge adds another level of hassle, complication and lack of down time. Last time I competed, scribes were not required and the pace was much more relaxed and enjoyable.


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          Originally posted by Skip Messick View Post
          Ok, been there, done that. I'll pass. Traveling solo and trying to find someone to scribe as well as fly and judge adds another level of hassle, complication and lack of down time. Last time I competed, scribes were not required and the pace was much more relaxed and enjoyable.
          Hi Skip there appears to be some confusion. I'm not asking for you to provide your own scribe. I will be assigning them with the judges. Are you saying you don't want to have scribes at all?
          Alex Dreiling

          Phone: 775-434-3538


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            In the past we were required to provide our own scribes. Failure to do so would zero a round. If someone prefers to use scribes I have no problem with that. I prefer not to but that's me.