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    NATS Scores are being posted as completed rounds are entered and checked. Remember to "Refresh" pages to be sure you are seeing the latest scores in each class. Today (Thursday) we will get a round of Freestyle in this afternoon. Keep checking our Facebook feeds as well for other news and updates.

    Again thank you to our Sponsors!! DeeForce,, ProgressiveRC and RTL Fastners.

    Doug Pilcher

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    That was a wrap on "The Mike Karnes Scale Aerobatic Nationals 2021!!!

    All right the final scores are posted to main website here

    You will notice of course that the Prelim scores and Final reports are identical and this is due to having to cancel the final day due to uncertain weather.

    I personally (and as part of the event team as a whole) want to thank everybody for coming out to NATS again this year after having to cancel due to Covid last season. You all put your heart and soul and sweat into a great week. Wednesday and Thursday we could have not asked for better skies!!! We could have however down with less wind! But amazing talent thru out the classes flying in some very unpredictable and fighting winds. But again that is why they call it the "Nationals"!!! We definitely got handed some curve balls this year and switching from Standard Knowns to Alternate Knowns the final day was a big one. Thank you all for just rolling with the challenges we faced thru out the week to include this!!!
    And a HUGE SHOUT OUT to:

    Progressive RC
    RTL Fasteners

    You guys are great and we so very much appreciate your support to Scale Aerobatics and RC and IMAC!!! I hope everyone shouts out to these sponsors with thank you's and using their outstanding products!!!

    Thank you all again and look forward to seeing you all again!

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    Doug Pilcher


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      I now have all regional points awarded also for each pilot to each of their respective Regions!!

      This completes The Mike Karnes Scale Aerobatics Nationals 2021 Paperwork!!

      Congratulations to All the pilots!!

      Doug Pilcher


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        Here are PDF attachments of everything NATS 2021!

        Sportsman Finals.pdf Intermediate Finals.pdf Advanced Finals.pdf Unlimited Finals.pdf FreeStyle Finals.pdf Bennett Cup Finals.pdf Schroder Cup Finals.pdf
        Doug Pilcher


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          Congratulations to all.
          Only in the US NATs you can see 14 known sequences and 3 Unknown sequences being flown. And all that With missing one day because of weather.
          Outstanding performance by all.

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