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The Mike Karnes Scale Aerobatics National Championships 2021

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  • The Mike Karnes Scale Aerobatics National Championships 2021

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Nats 2018-9329.jpg Views:	391 Size:	4.50 MB ID:	3356

    As everyone is aware we lost a great supporter of IMAC and Scale Aerobatics, Mike Karnes, on January 1st 2021. For this reason the Board of Directors has decided, in honor of Mike, we would make a change to the National Championships in 2021.

    This year only, the renaming of the NATS to “The Mike Karnes Scale Aerobatics National Championships 2021” is set. This is a onetime renaming of the NATS, and a chance of a lifetime to come to Muncie IN.
    June 16th to June 19th 2021, and grab this one of kind and one-time “Participation Item” to all pilots! This is in honor of Mike Karnes, and his never ending dedication to the sport. For the 2021 NATS, every pilot will receive one as a keepsake.
    Won't you come and be a part of this tribute to Mike Karnes and Scale Aerobatics?
    AMA Headquarters, Muncie Indiana
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    Doug Pilcher

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    This is very nice to see the renaming and honoring of Mike for the 2021 NATS. Thank you IMAC BOD.


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      Mike Karnes Scale Aerobatics National Championships

      Muncie, Indiana

      June 16 - 19, 2021

      Sign Up Here

      AMA Registration Required Here Also!!

      Link Will Be Provided

      Click image for larger version

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      1) Tuesday 06/15/2021 - Pilots Meeting /Roll Call -5:00 PM. Brief Judging Refresher. (Old School Pilot Pin Draw De-Conflict) First set of Unknowns distributed.

      2) Wednesday 06/16/2021 — Saturday 06/19/2021 Competition

      3) Friday Evening Banquet and final Unknowns handed out.

      4) Saturday is final flights and Freestyle and Trophies and Awards Presentations

      Site 3 is available for practice on June 14th & 15th 2021

      Contestant Judging will be in place. (Scribes are Judges Responsibility.)

      Foamies/night flyers are allowed in the evenings.

      **Reminder! Format —3/1 Format with 80/20 Split. First 3 Days qualify for Regional Points. Day 4 will be 2 Knowns and 2 Unknowns with Lowest flight dropped of Each! **

      Doug Pilcher


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        Ok we are mid March and I am needing of course, to know what pilots intentions are for NATS. June 16th is coming closer very quickly. I know the reservations people had in 2020 and the state of the pandemic in 2020. I think that the overall trend of the virus is quite different a year later. But each must make their own decisions of course. We will abide by safety measures the AMA is requiring as well as having some others in place as well to keep peoples safety a priority. While again watching the trend of the virus.

        But NATS being quite costly and time consuming to hold, and many volunteers time involved, I also need to know that it will be attended. Currently I have only 3 pilots signed up for the event. The final decision will need to be made I think by April 15th at the latest.If your intention is to attend then I must insist on pilot signups from our IMAC members planning to attend. Will you help me here if you plan to compete and get signed up?

        Thank You
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        Doug Pilcher


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          Ok, I am going to again attach the signup links here. To include the AMA Link found here at
          And our site sign up found here at

          I have now just 4 pilots signed up on IMAC site.

          Click image for larger version

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          Doug Pilcher


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            We have a little bump in the last 2 days. Lets keep it climbing everyone.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	NATS 3_25_21.PNG
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            Doug Pilcher


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              2 more members paid AMA and I’m getting them signed up here. 12 so far!


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                I signed up on the IMAC site, but am going to hold off on registering with the AMA yet as there are some other factors working that might prevent me from attending. Unfortunately, I may not have those resolved before the end of May.



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                  Love to see you there brad!!!!


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                    Just Signed up, I WANT TY! Just one sequence.


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                      PRIMO!!!! The man, the myth, the LEGEND!!!! Can not wait for this contest!!!!


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                        Click image for larger version

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                        Doug Pilcher


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                          There are 2 people signed up with AMA who cannot enter cause they can’t access their iMac accounts (Dennis wagoner, Gerald price all flying sportsman. Also Kurt is to attend.


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                            The "Mike Karnes Scale Aerobatics National Championships" are coming up quickly. Currently (04/20/21) we have 16 Signed up on IMAC website and 10 actually signed up with AMA. Please help me with an accurate headcount sooner than later? to sign up with IMAC and go here to sign up with AMA please.
                            Doug Pilcher


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                              Click image for larger version

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                              Doug Pilcher